Friday, July 1, 2011

Working In Farm

When we were jobless, our house owner employed two of us as a helper in his farm. Yes, he owns a farm. I think owning a farm is a norm for a kiwi. Two of us were excited as we can finally earn some pocket money and we can experience the feeling working in farm!!!!

When we reached there, we were told that we need to set up a fencing in the farm. Setting up fencing?? It didn’t sound easy and that was what I never done back in Malaysia.

See, this is the long long fencing. Firstly, we put a long wires along the fencing.

Then, we fixed it up with the help of the owner. At that moment, I finally admitted that body height plays an important role in certain circumstances.

Yeah, finally it was done~~

Well done~~~


YvaineKong said...

nice that you met good owner. And got to gain some experience working in farm. But how did you guys select 2 among all of you?

RHUN KIET said...

hahaha... on the other way round.. he can get cheap labour...lolz...or else he would be very worried as to who can pay off the rent!

Hui Yi said...

Yvaine: Haha.. we select through draw lot. We very fair to each of us one.

Rhun Kiet: Not really, cause he paid us according to normal rate that we earn. :)