Friday, July 8, 2011

Malaysia Food

The previous post mentioned that our house owner did an exchange with us. Here are those foods that we cooked for him and his family. One of his friend was invited to our exchange dinner as well. In order to cook the meal, we prepared since afternoon. Of course, I was not the main chef but I did my part as a helper!!!! Helper plays important part in assisting the chef !

Let me present our lovely dinner!!!! Yeah, food that represents Malaysia most! Nasi Lemak.

Yes, it was not complete set but that was what we can cook over here. It was pretty hard to get the ingredients that we needed. Even the coconut cream was not what we want. We were forced to buy the packaging type one instead of fresh. I know, there shouldn't be any tomato over there but the cucumber is pretty expensive so we replaced it with tomato. OK, stop compare our nasi lemak with the actual one.

Chicken curry. Yeah, the taste was same with home~ I love it

Tom Yam fried rice. My house owner loves this so much and he said he want to learn the way to cook this.

Fried Beef with ginger


Fried glass noodle. His mom loves this~

ABC soup
We cooked green bean soup as a dessert but I forget to take a photo on it. But look like kiwi doesn’t used to the green bean flavor. All of them don’t really like it. My house owner insisted that green bean soup was not a dessert because it was not sweet. Hmm.. different concept on dessert.

Yeah, dinner was ready. Red wine and white wine sponsored by house owner~

Group photo! I love this photo very much. A cross culture dinner~


How Jun said...

I love this post. It's hard for people to share but you all actually shared the culture. Carry on the good work.

Hui Yi said...

How Jun: Hehe.. Yaya, it's good to share with others.