Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Unpredictable life - Car purchase in New Zealand

Life is really unpredictable in New Zealand. So many things happened since the last update. I went missing last few days because the internet was down in my home and I finally can connect back to the world now. After the kiwi season, we were jobless. During that time, the feeling was definitely bad and we can fully understood the unemployment feeling. Everyday our account showed figure in credit part without any in debit part. Then, we were confined in the small area without much places to go (Te Puke is a small town). The only things we did was searching for job everywhere. We walked one hour to a packhouse to ask for job, we walked in every shop to ask for vacancy and we used all the methods we could just to get a job.

After one week, one company located in Auckland called me up for a job interview! My friends decided to follow me to Auckland and have a walk. After we planned everything nicely and bought the bus tickets, my friends picked up a call from a packhouse and informed us that we got the job. We were requested to start work the next day! Oh my god, where should I go???Auckland or stay here for the job? At the end, I decided to delay the job for 1 day to continue my travel. That was the reason I travel alone to Auckland for the job interview.

At the same time, we saw a post written that a car that we want was selling in Auckland with an affordable price. So, I was given the task to have a look on the car. Some people might not understand why we want to buy a car. The public transport over here is not well developed. We can’t even look for a job without a car. Therefore, we NEED a car urgently.

The responsibility was too big but I needed to take it up!! I was given the authority to decide buying the car or not. Stressful.....  The car was just met our requirements so I told my friends ‘yes, I’ll buy it.’

The procedure to buy a second hand car was very simple in New Zealand.

Car purchase procedure
1) Go to the post shop (= post office), fill up ‘notice by person acquiring motor vehicle’ form (MR13B).
2) Send in the form in post shop and show them the original passport and driving license.
3) Pay notice of acquisition fee $9.41.
4) Pay the cash to the previous owner.
5) The car is yours now!!!!
Very simple right?? It is just like buying a sweets in a grocery shop. I like it!

Of course, I need to drive back to Te Puke. There was no place to park the car in Auckland city as the car park fees is damn expensive. Driving 4 hours alone with a small little map in foreign country was a totally new experience for me.

This is our car~~
Yes, Honda Odyssey.


RHUN KIET said...

Great! .. u know something... if u are smart enough... u can even resell it at a higher value and then get a profit.... so now u can do more road trips and post more interesting pictures!

How Jun said...

Wah. 4 hours. That's very brave le.

Hui Yi said...

Rhun Kiet: Sure. :)

How Jun: I have to do it. Don't scold me...

YvaineKong said...

the car looks grand and new. Btw, if you did not intend to buy a car in auckland, would you still go there for the interview?

Hui Yi said...

Yvaine: Actually the main purpose that I went there was for interview not for car. That was coincidence that I can have a look on the car.

Ron said...

How much is the car?

Hui Yi said...

Ron: tell u personally la...

Rohit Kaushik said...

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