Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Life is too boring. Working everyday and sleep and work again. This is photostat type of life. To seek for excitement in life, we had decided go to hell as a trip.

The Yim loh Wong (what should it called in english? King of the hell??) promised to let us go around to see the punishments for the human if they did bad things in live time.

 Before entering the punishment stages, all people have to drink the soup specially made by ah po. (mang po tong)

Then, here it goes.

bite by thousand of poison snake.

Being cut by wheel with knife.

and.. nothing already.. Well, it is 18SG rated. So please show your IC for more photos. :P


How Jun said...

I'm underage but still saw all your photos the other day. Hahahaha...I oso wanna go visit.

Hui Yi said...

Are you sure you are underage??

bluebell said...

where is dat?

Hui Yi said...

At Kuala Gula~ from island go just around.. 1 hour? or 45 min?