Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stupid mistake

I did a very stupid mistake yesterday. When I was going out after my breakfast, I couldn't find my car key and home key. I kept on looking around my bag, my room and I still couldn't find them. What had happened? I had never lost my key like that.

After I refreshed back, an imagine crossed my mind. I remembered I put my keys on my car when I want to take back my clothes which were hang outside after landry.

Some of you must be puzzled, why did I need to take my car key as well? Haha.. I have a very special way of collecting my clothes. My hanger was just located right beside my car, so usually I'll open my car door, collect my clothes and throw in all my clothes in while I am collecting the other clothes so that I do not need to take anything to put my clothes in! I'm brilliant right? Wahaha.. then after finish collected, I will use my towel to wrap up all the clothes so that I can bring my clothes easily.

Well, I did the same yesterday, but I follow with a stupid mistake. I left my keys outside overnight!!! Luckily no theft noticed about it, or else I don't know what to do if all things in the house missing. Ok, back to the topic, now my problem was, I was being 'locked' in my house!! All people had gone out for work! How??

At that time I remembered I had a spare key which I neglected it long long time ago. But, I remembered one of the keys cannot be used as it was not well duplicated and it was not able to unlock the lock! Well, just try my luck. I was praying that the key for opening my door in the house was functioning.

So, geuss what happened next? Ya, I was lucky enough, my key was functioning. God bless me. I was able to escaped from my house and went to work.

So, lesson learnt was we must duplicate a functioning key.


How Jun said...

You're brilliant and careless at the same time. More careful lar...

Hui Yi said...

yalor.. I'm so careless. Learnt a lesson