Monday, January 18, 2010

Egg and Toast

My favourite breakfast is a very simply breakfast - half boiled egg + toast. Sound simple right? But, it is not easy to get a delicious half boil egg because I have very high expectation on it. Some people may boil the egg overtime and % of cook became over. Some even boil the egg until the egg yolk become slightly harden. So, I think it is not easy to boil the egg to the ngam ngam (just nice) condition.

Besides, the toast need to bake slightly and apply with nice butter (not margerin). Then, they become a perfect match. Well, you might said I'm over complicated a simple breakfast, but I really tried a few not nice half boil egg + toast.

 I personally like the half boil egg selling in this place.

Most of the penang people should feel it is very familiar. Ya, it is none other than the most famous half boil egg in Penang near airport. This small little wooden house selling the best half boil egg. I always go there for breakfast if I go to Penang in the morning. It is very easy to find as it is just located on the left hand side of road when you are on the way to Penang Airport.

Of course, we need to pay for good food. This nice breakfast is quite costly for a half boil egg + toast. My bf and I able to eat more than RM10 just for this.

Anyway, it is still worth for me cause I like it.


How Jun said...

Why did you post the left over plates and cups? So paiseh la. As if I eat alot.

Hui Yi said...

I said my bf and I ma.. so both of us ate a lot. hahaha