Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Photoshooting part II

Again, I wanna post my photoshooting photos. This was obtained from the other photographer who is very pro in photoshop.

I know I look fat in this photo but I don't have much personal photo so I still post it up. Perhaps I can use it as a motivation tool to force myself to slim down.. Is it effective enough?
Try to act sexy but who knows the feeling is totally different in the photo. What feeling? Happy shine gua..

Finally, I look slimmer in this photo. Hehe..

Yeah, group photo again. I love this. I think this is all the photos for the photoshoot. Not sure whether we can get a second shooting or not. What do you think about the photos?


Wong How Jun said...

Faster burn in album and file it up la

Hui Yi said...

how jun: oklor.. no money le

Emi said...


Hui Yi said...

Emi: Thank you~~~