Sunday, November 1, 2009

My baby was born

Update for my wish list: Somebody sponsored my blue eye shadow and eye brown pencil~ Thanks.

I am getting closer and closer to my target. And finally I saw the light at the other end of the tunnel.

When I entered my current company, I was full with passion. I told myself, I am going to get HACCP for this company and that became my target. However, time flies, nothing was happened after half year. Things stayed still as it was in the beginnning. I felt demotivated. I wrote this to express my feeling in the bottom of my heart. Steps taken towards target began getting slower and slower. Luckily, progress still going on without stopping.

At last, somthing different happened. I saw this after one year.

My little baby was born.
My baby was overweight and was facing obesity problem. It took so much time and efforts for me to give birth. I am just like a first time mother who felt very excited when I saw both of them. At first, I thought my baby was not going to born until the day I forgot about it.

Monday is the time to submit them to Ministry of Health and that will be the starting for everything. We need to prepare for all the documentation and waiting for auditors to come perhaps after 4-6 months. HACCP certified is waiting for us.

Do I have the passion to continue until my company was HACCP certified? I'm wondering..


Wong How Jun said...

Work so hard for the company. Make sure get increment then belanja me makan ya

Hui Yi said...

How Jun: If got increment I don't mind. hehe..

bluebell said...

me too me too!!!

Irene said...

Satisfactory is the feeling after months of hard work. Hope u enjoy the progress much.

To share with u, my company finished the haccp audit in october and is waiting for the certificate now, hope to get it in 3 months time.hehe, i give birth to a baby too, i know ur feeling very well...

haha, add oil ya ^^

Hui Yi said...

Irene: Thank you. Hope my company can be audited very soon and get haccp certified. By the way, who r you?

Irene said...

1 am pei ni la~~