Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bon Odori in Cameron

Last week, I went to cameron with my family. Although Cameron is just 1 hour driving distance from Ipoh, but this was the second time for me in Cameron.

Cameron is just same as usual, nice scenery with lots of tea farm. But i noticed there was difference from 1 year ago (I went to Cameron for the first time one year ago). The temperature in Cameron increases a lot, we were no longer felt the cool breeze blowing in the afternoon. I am still remembered that I was wearing jacket even in the afternoon during my first trip in Cameron. The temperature changes so much just in one year time? I guess it is the effect of global warming?Sad sad. Friends, please start taking care our environment.
One of our main purposes for the Cameron trip were joining the Bon Dance Festival, or more people will familiar with the name of Bon Odori. Bon Odori is a traditional festival for Japanese as a reminder of the gratefulness one should feel toward one's ancestors. In another words, Bon odori is the ghost festival for Japanese. This festival is held in Penang anually, but now only i noticed that it is held in Cameron too! Wow, so many Japanese in Malaysia.

The Bon odori in Cameron was quite different from Penang. Firstly, it was held in a small compound, you could seen the entire function no matter which corner you stood.

As usual, Japanese food was selling by Japanese.

And also the Japanese Hand Kraft.

The performances here were quite different from the Bon odori in Penang. In penang, all the performances were related to the Japanese culture, mostly will be Japanese Dance. But, in Cameron, there were a lot of different performances from different cultures like the lion dance performace.

And even Malay dance performance.

Of course, Japanese culture was still the main character in this festival.

And everyone was dancing together and had their fun there.

Sometimes, 'ghost' did appeared to join the festival too....
That was roughly about the Bon Odori in Cameron. There will be another Bon Odori held in Penang in this coming Saturday, I might be going too. If I do, i'll post a related blog up here so that you all can compare the differences of Bon Odori in different places.


euthanasia said...

well, the environment is already a goner, but good news to everyone, i heard from someone which that someone heard from discovery that the ozone hole which i forgot where d, has already been patched. hooray.
well, i prefer a simpler odori festival mainly due to less crowd accompanying by the serene view in cameron, juz soothing. But one sad thing is, i'm not there.sigh..wish i can b there

Hui Yi said...

euthanasia: erm..but Bon Odori in Cameron don't have fireworks wor..