Sunday, February 5, 2012

Beginning of Spring, 立春

If you are active in Facebook, you definitely see a lot of photos with eggs posting up yesterday. Why?? There is a belief in Chinese that during this day in lunar calender, 立春,which is the first day of Spring, the egg can stand up without falling. Some even said the egg can only be stood up in this day.

Of course, I must experiment and try to check on this statement!!!

And the result was........................................

Amazing right??? The egg can stood up!!! 

Of course, the experiment doesn't stop on the day. The eggs were left overnight on floor and it was still stood up straight the next day. Experiment continued by pushing down the egg and stood it up again. And, the really out of surprise!!!!

It actually...

Can be stood up. haha~ Happy 立春to everyone~

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pay for papers said...

Wow, I didn't know about this fact. Chinese are really full of astonishing facts. Tell us more about this egg story and the one who started to believe first.