Monday, December 5, 2011

Working Holiday in New Zealand Application

Recently, a lot of my friends keep on asking about working holiday. Since I think working holiday is a good experience, let me share the information to those who are interested.

Every year, 1150 Malaysian are allowed to apply working holiday and stay in New Zealand for 6 months. The application normally opened in the beginning of the year. Those who are interested may apply it online. The requirement for working holiday is quite low. Basically, it is very easy to meet the requirements.

  • have a Malaysian passport that‘s valid for at least three months after your planned departure from New Zealand 
    • This is quite easy right? If your passport is going to expired just renew it before you apply!!
  • be at least 18 and not more than 30 years old
    • Due to the age limit below 30 years old, some people categorised 'working holiday' as a MUST DO activity before reach 30. So, are you in this group of people? 
  • not bring children with you
    • I believe normally Asian will not bring children working holiday together right?
  • hold a return ticket or sufficient funds to purchase such a ticket*
    • sufficient fund can be included in the requirement below. Or a credit card can help you in this requirement if you do not purchase a return ticket.
  • have a minimum of NZ$2,250 available funds to meet your living costs while you’re here
    • You can prove it by printing your bank account statement, or bringing bank draft with you.
  • meet our health and character requirements
  • be coming to New Zealand to holiday, with work or study being secondary intentions for your visit
  • not have been approved a visa under a Working Holiday Scheme before.
    • Yup, working holiday scheme can only be applied once in a life time. Even you applied but you did not proceed with your trip, you are not qualified to apply  second time

How to apply? You must register yourself in New Zealand Immigration before you apply for the working holiday.  Visit this link.

Then you will see this.
And follow by this form.

After registration, you can apply for the working holiday visa~ of cause, it cost you NZD $140 (around RM350)

Ways to fill up the application form can refer this link:
I filled up my application according to this! Very useful link.

Application for this year (2011) is closed due to quota is fulled. It will available again on 2012 4 Jan. You have less than one month to consider!! Act fast!


idyllrain said...

Since I'm redirecting some people here, I'll add an addendum. The minimum NZ$2250 requirement can also be proven by being the holder of a credit card. In practice though, no one I know has ever been checked (Asians, Europeans, etc).

Hui Yi said...

*like* your comment. haha~

Anonymous said...

May i know how much we should pay for application and visa?

Hui Yi said...

Hi,application is free of charge. Visa is cost NZD140 (about RM300++).

Anonymous said...

Hi, i only have to prove that i have NZ2250 when i reach NZ?

BlackSesame said...

Hi, I am planning a working holiday for myself now. The application is still closed (Jan 2013 open) , at that time I am busy with my exam so is there anything I can prepare beforehand like document apply or request first?


Hui Yi said...

Black Sesame: Too bad, there is no way to reserve or request.. If you want, you must apply when it reopen.

Anonymous said...

hi~ how can i know the exact date of reopen of the application? i need to keep on checking the website? thanks


Boon Peng Low said...

Hi, Hui Yi. Does we need to register an online account now and then only apply for the visa when the application is opened?

I am not understand with the comment post by idyllrain. We nid to show the bank statement minimum NZ2250 during we apply the visa or we juz show when we going to go NZ or we juz show we hv a creadit card?

another questions is we should show the flight ticket that we plan to fly at the end of the year during the application?

Thanks in advanced ya.^^

Caryn Teng said...

i have same questions as boon peng,can tell us more?
ur blog is so informative btw^^

Hui Yi said...

Hi Boon Peng and Caryn: Yes, you need to register an online account 1st before you apply for the visa. The NZ2250 only need to show if required by custom in NZ. You can choose to show your bank statement/ credit card. But I always prefer to prepare a bank statement. Since you have fly so far to NZ, you also do not want anything happen to stop your journey right?

Flight ticket is not necessary. You can choose to show the return ticket, or you can show you have sufficient fund to get back to your own country (bank statement/ credit card) Last time I just bought 1 way ticket.

august may said...


Anonymous said...

As a Malaysian, do we need to provide General Medical Certificate and particularly Chest X-Ray Certificate? I was confused as the Q&A section from New Zealand Immigration official website states that Malaysian is not required to provide Chest X-Ray Certificate while Malaysia is not listed as country with low incidence of tuberculosis (which require to provide the certificate).

Hui Yi said...

Hi, this is just implemented last year. According to those who went last year, they said for Msian is not neccessary to do d x ray.

Hui Yi said...

Hi, this is just implemented last year. According to those who went last year, they said for Msian is not neccessary to do d x ray.

Anonymous said...

hey i want to know right, if im applying for 2015, i have to register myself at 2014?

hope to get reply from you soon! ;)

常饮水:. said...

Hi, may I know if I carry alot of medicine and pills, will the NZ custom reject me to enter NZ? I carry so much drugs because I got joint sick, have to consume pill everyday. Just want to know will the large quantity of drugs will effect my working holiday journey?

joy said...

I wanna go year 2014 but when i checked online it says that the quota for 2013 n 2014 is filled.Is that mean when i apply on Jan2014 i only get to go by year 2015??

MiNG said...

Hi Hui Yi, I am planning to apply for the working holiday next year. Can I ask if there is an expiry date on the Visa?

I know the visa is valid for 6 months in NZ but what I want to know is if the visa expiry date before we enter.

I need some time to plan and settle my things here before going so I want to make sure I have enough time to do it.

Let's say the Visa was approved in Feb 2015. Is there a certain time frame we have to enter NZ in for example within 1 year (expiring in Feb 2016?)

You reply will be much appreciated. Thanks.


Anonymous said...


I have read your blog about your experiences in New Zealand. I am amazed by your writing and your sharing in the blog. I am going to go newzealand under working holiday visa on the coming August. Right now i have a lot of doubts and questions that no one can answer and help me. I hope that you can share your experiences and give me some feedback and idea about my coming trip. Can you add me in FB so that i could freely to ask you something that i would like to know? I am really looking forward to your response. THanks

Jia Wei Shee

Anonymous said...

Hi Hui Yi, I am planning to apply for the working holiday next year. Can I ask about the payment for visa. Do we need to pay the visa before approved or we only pay the visa after it's has been approved? What if someone decide last minutes cancel after they get approved, will they get blacklisted or there is another slot for others to apply again ?


Elise said...

Hi, when i reached there but i realized i cant cop with the life there. Does it effect anything if i left early from NZ ?

Ale Rossi said...

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