Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Scar Removal

The things left behind accident except from the injury, the most concern part is the SCAR. I'm considered lucky because there are neither scar left on my face nor my body from the accident. 

However, SCAR have to be 'created' even though I was able to escape from scar-free. Yes, the answer is operation left me with an obvious 'created' scar.
Although the doctor told me that the scar will be fade off with time and eventually it will become not obvious. i don't know how long it going to take and that scar definitely it lower down my self esteem NOW. Whenever I stepped out from the house, I'll try to cover it up either with a scarf or with my hair. So, I officially say 'NO' to short hair again!

After the wound was completely healed, I applied the famous scar removal - Mederma which I think it is quite effective on my scar area.
I used this before and it did soften the scar. Of course, it will only effective with daily application.

However, somebody told me that there is another better scar remover which is in gel sheet form. Eagerly to try out the effectiveness, I got it and apply on my scar as written in the manual.

This thing is really expensive. It is a adhesive gel sheet made from medical grade silicon. The usage is rather simple, just cut it into the desirable size and stick it to the scar area. Repeatedly use it everyday with the time mentioned. Yes, it is reusable until it loss of adhesion or crack around the edges.

This is how it look like during apply.

So, how effective is this? I'm not sure,let me tell you another couple of month. :P


aud said...

hi hui yi! came to your blog from your comment. so sorry to hear about your accident but thank god you're fine! :D

Hui Yi said...

Hi Aud, so surprise to see your comment! Thanks for your concern. :)

Eu Jeng said...

If I'm not wrong this is quite effective. I think my brother used it before. Has been around for quite some time I think.

Kate Lim said...

take care gal..recover soon

Landy said...

I hope you are getting well. I clicked on your ad. :p

How's NZ is treating you?

Landy said...

Here is the link to my post that will lead to your link too. (Semi direct link :p)

Jami Eisenmenger said...

I am glad to know that you survived the accident. I read your post about your accident, and it was definitely scary. It is normal for someone who came from an accident to worry about scars. It makes people more self-conscious, especially when it is located in a visible part of the body. Store-bought remedies might take long before any results show. For a faster and more secured solution, you can try laser scar removal or scar fillers. Its effectiveness depends on the degree of the scar though, so it would be best if you consult a doctor to know what would work faster for you.

Hui Yi said...

Jami: :) actually doctor told me not to worry about the scar, it'll eventually fade off. Just that I hope it can fade away earlier. hehe.

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Oscar Edwards said...

NICE !! ENjoy it lovely !

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