Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Maori Food

I just noticed, half of my working holiday blog talked about food. Chinese always craving for good food. A famous quote, 民以食为天, which simply means food ranks first. This shows how importance the great food for us. And, I am the typical chinese too. :P We work very hard to look for special food which we never tried before here. Today was another lucky day for us to try the local maori food. Yes, local and real.

The maori family is my house owner's friend. Due to that reason, we were able to grab the chance and taste  the genuine maori food.

The boil up. This food was really surprise us because it simply tastes similiar with the chinese watercress soup 西洋菜汤. The only different is ours is soup and theirs was served as main course.

Fried bread. Simple and nice food. But not advisable to take too much. Fat....

The best partner for fried bread- the red plum jam with butter. Yummy~ I love this jam. The sweetness is just nice and it contains slight sour taste. Works well with fried bread.

Dessert~ they called it as trifle~ cake topped with cream and fruits.

Of course we must take a group photo~ A big family. Thanks to the dinner served~ OMG, I'll putting lots of weight if I continue my eating habit like this.. help....
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