Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yummy Kiwi Breakfast

A non working day is definitely a very relaxing day. Now I worked as repacker in a kiwi packhouse again. Yesterday was a working day as there was order needed to be rushed.

This morning, my house owner cooked us a kiwi breakfast!~~!~ Wao, we were really lucky. I never think that being a backpacker actually can sleep well stay well and being so xin fu 幸福.

Let's kiwi!!

parsley + white sauce + egg + ham + muffin split with cheese flavour

Wao~ smoke salmon~~~ yummy yummy

The breakfast is easy to prepared and it's tasty~! So happy. Next time I can cook in Malaysia and tell others this is kiwi breakfast. Wahaha~~

I love it~


jojo said...

so yummy~~ ^^

Hui Yi said...

yaya~ I love it~