Sunday, May 22, 2011

IRD and Bank Account Application in NZ

First day in Auckland, it is definitely not a lucky day for us. We planned to apply our IRD and open our bank account on this day but we ended up with nothing completed. Why? The Post shop located in Queen Street did not want to accept our translate license which issued and verified by OUR OWN GORVENMENT. They just accept those translated by their recognized body. License that issued by our country and translate by our government is not accepted but license issued by our country and translate by them is being accepted. Ridiculous huh? We had made a lot of calls and even walked here and there just to get our things done. Yet, we couldn’t complete them on the day. We feel so down because obstacles exist on the first day we landed in NZ. After doing the ‘research and survey’ on the same night, we found the way and everything was done on the following day. We still proceed our IRD application in Post Shop but this round was the one located in K road. Yes, same procedure, same action but this post shop accept it.Backpackers, except from Post shop, you may apply in AA as well, they do accept our translate license.

For the bank account application, it is rather straight forward. But you need to make an appointment earlier. (Kiwi Bank is exceptional). Their banking system is quite different from ours. Opening a bank account is a big deal in NZ and only managers are qualified to open bank account for customer. Their style of banking is each customer advised to open 2 accounts, 1 is called everyday account and 1 is the fast saver account. Everyday account is just same like our saving account but the atm card can used as debit everywhere with 4 digit pin code to key in. No interest will be given for everyday account. On the other hand, fast saver account is like our fixed deposit. They will treat this account as saving and only transfer the money to everyday account when the balance left is little.

After everything was done, our mood totally changed to a relax mode. Here are the photos in Auckland city.

Basically, Auckland is full with Asian. You may see Japanese restaurant, Korea restaurant is even more than western food restaurant.

If you come to NZ, you must try their ice cream, it is very nice~ This is the shop that we had our ice cream - Giapo, located at Queen Street, Auckland.

The one with dark brown colour is Organic Makacchino. Dark chocolate + organic coffee with nut. Yummy~~

The famous City Tower, landmark of Auckland.

City Tower at night.

Random photo.

Next blog will be the story about travel in Auckland~
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Ama said...

Hi there, I'm curious about the place that helped you guys translate your documents? Me and my friend will be going to NZ tomorrow too. And we seriously need info from experienced ppl like you guys.
:) Looking forward for your reply. Thanks first.

Hui Yi said...

Erm, actually we just translate our license in JPJ of Malaysia. Some of the post shop accept this and some not. If it happened that the post shop do not accept your translate license, go to AA, you can apply your IRD as well.

Ama said...

Hey, hi again. Thanks for your info. Me and my fren have settled down in te puke. But we have yet to find any job. Do you have any idea of vacancies now? Things are starting to get desperate now. Where are you guys now? Hardly can found any malaysian so far.

Hui Yi said...

Eh, malaysian are everywhere here!! You can just try every pack house. If you have transport, you may try Trevelyan Night shift, If I'm not mistaken there are vacancies. :) Good luck to you~