Thursday, May 13, 2010


One day, I went to adventure with a group of active adventurer. 

We kept on walking..walking and walking non stop just to search for the 'gold' that we want. We never care the dusty & dirtiness, we also didn't care how sweaty were us but we just heading to our target.

The hill was so high and the path was not easy to walk, yet we tried our best to climb up the top of the hill.
Finally, we able to make it.
Haha.. ok, I know it is damn lame. Well, it was not any adventurous activity. Instead, I was working that time, doing some inspection on this little thing before it took back to our company. So, what was this little thing?

Let's take a close shot.
Can see clearly? I guess no.. haha.. this is the closest photo that I got. Let me reveal the answer...... Ta ta~~~
They were wheat~~ Yes, you didn't 'hear wrongly, they were wheat.

Actually we don't really need to climb up the 'hill' but I think this was a good experience where I guess most of you out there have not been walking in wheat right??? You guys might think that 'What the hell this girl doing by walking in wheat but still so happy?'

Haha.. We just have life once, so why not try out everything? The feeling of sitting on wheat was very unique where you can felt the wheat was damn cold. hhehe.

If you ever have the chance, try it out.


How Jun said...

Wah. This girl go play with wheat lo. Then we ma eat all your sweat and sand from your shoe lo? Tell me what's the wheat for so that I won't eat.

Irene said...

har....u step on the wheat then they became dirty lo??

--pei ni

wei2 said...

hi, HY, is it cocoon wheat again?
We used to have such problem whenever wheat were stored over BCT W/house previously. There are times where Mgnt. had decided to "avoid" stored @ Ext.Whouse instead try the very best to store it over Silo or grain tank.
Cocoon wheat can be very troublesome which may lead to Moisture Migration as well...gas u more familiar about it. haha...besides that, dog feces or pigeon droppings are more challenging for such wheat in term of Salmonella cont. or other bio affect I rite?so long never touch on those issue, hope not boring u...just to share my past xperience...anyway, njoy your climbing...sweat, sweat sweat..

Hui Yi said...

How Jun & Irene: Hai yo.. although we stepped on wheat, but after they came in will undergo cleaning process la. No problem. Somemore the flour content is in the inner part of wheat.

Wei2: Haha.. it's not cocoon wheat. But there are some mouldy wheat, that's all. Look like wheat knowledge still in your mind clearly. Haha.. I must learn from you already.

pheo said...

wat is coccoon wheat?