Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bali Trip Part III

Finally, the Part III and also the last episode of Bali Trip published. 

Day 3 of our trip, we went to the very famous temple- Tanah Lot temple. The view there of course was very nice where this place was located beside a sea.

This temple was amazing whereby one of the place for praying was located in the sea. Ya! In the sea. I insisted to go over there to have a look on what was inside the 'cave' even though I knew that I'll get wet by crossing over the sea. 

When you reached the other side, they will put a flower beside your ear and some sticky rice on your forehead as the sign of bless. 

I think photo always better describe than words.

There was a market nearby and a big bat available there to attract tourist. 
After I took the photo, I heard a tour guide passed by and told his member that photo taken for the bat was not allowed without paying. Hmm.. photo was taken, so I just post it up. :P

During our way to another destination, we passed by padi field. It was just too nice and we stopped our car just to have a close peek on the padi and snapped some photos with them.

I went for my first time water rafting. This rafting was a low risk rafting whereby it was suitable for a beginner and it was suitable for side seeing purpose. It took almost 2 hours plus to complete the whole trip and most of the time we were enjoying the view along the river.

After our dinner, we went to a beach nearby (if i'm not mistaken, it was Kuta beach) and enjoy the sunset view there.

Basically that was how our 3 days trip. Bali is a nice and budget place to go. I'll try to post up a blog about the food later. 


How Jun said...

1 day i must also go there. Seem so nice

Hui Yi said...

haha.. the trip is not expensive. Let's go together :)