Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stupid Incidents

Just a little update before I sleep, want to share with you all a few weird incidents happened these few days.

I am in KL now until end of this week for training. Thanks to this course, I can stay in a 4 star hotel for a week. When we talk about 4 star hotel, we will think of a good hotel serves good food, comfortable room and of course good security.

Ya, the food served is good, vast variety and the taste is not bad. However, some cases happened in 2 days just make me have bad impression towards the hotel. One of the attendee for the course lost her whole bag with laptop which was placed inside her room! Ya, her room was locked and she kept her laptop in her bag and it was put in room. Then, what happened was the bag disappeared from her room!! How could a bag just disappear like that?? According to the friend of mine, she made a complaint to hotel personnel and they investigated by checking through the CCTV. The records showed a man opened the door (I'm not sure how he opened) and took the bag out. Imagine, a man can just open the door and took the bag out!! Now, the questions are, how could he open the door and how he knew there was a laptop inside?? Just think about it..

Then, another incident happened today which was just my 3rd days staying here. I was resting in my room and suddenly 'pop' , the whole room blacked out.. huh?? Black out? Yes!!! Then, the light at the entrance door switched on automatically after a few seconds and the rest of the lights were not functioning. Luckily light outside the corridor and one lift were still operating. I took the lift down for clarification and the receptionist just said 'no electricity, please wait for 10 min'. NO ELECTRICITY!!!! Black out happened in a 4 star hotel???? I had stayed in hotel many times and this was the first time in my life I met a black out in a hotel. The rating of the hotel in bottom of my heart had dropped drastically. Luckily the incident only took place for 10 minutes. So, which hotel was it? If you want to know, just ask me personally.

Another not related incident which I felt it was a bit stupid. A male friend of mine took me out for a movie since I came down to KL. After that, he fetched me back to hotel by motor after everything was done. During our way back to hotel, we were stopped by 2 policemen. They directed us to stop at the road side and stopped the engine of the motor. After some lame introduction by the policemen, he told us that the back light of the motor was not functioning. Both of us felt weird and my friend checked the back light. Surprisingly, the light was working! The police clarified that it was not working just now when he saw us. Never mind, perhaps the wire is not connected properly or coincidentally it was not functioning at that moment or anything. Here came the interesting part. The lame conversation continued. It went like this:-

P: Where are you working?
My Friend: Working at XXXXX.
Me: Working in Penang.
P: I see.. is this girl (me) your gf?
My friend: No, we are just friend.
P: Where are you going?
My friend: Fetching her back to hotel.
P: I see.. faster get married la. Then both of you do no need go to hotel.
Me: (*#&$(*#&*&%*;)

HUH???? WTF???? Is that how our police should act? Hey, we are VERY TRUE friend and is that means going to hotel must be doing something bad?? Is that the mind of our police??

Police should be a person who holds strict to the law and maintaining the securities of the country. He should be a person who act as a representative for the country and he should have a clear thought for what is right and what is wrong. Imagine I were the foreigner and I heard this kind of thing, what am i going to think about this country?

 So, what will be in your mind when this person talking to you in this way?


Pei Ni said...

har!! like tat also can...Which hotel is tat? want to make sure that i do not stay in that hotel when i go kl for training...

How Jun said...

Hmm...welcome to Malaysia. It's like that. Still have your pepperspray with you?

ZEN SHAN NG said...

a police got strip off of his job here... just because of asking 2 guys travelling in a same car if they were gay... but with our 'constituition' in malaysia, i can only hope i wont end up bitten up in the police station everytime i see a police... malaysia boleh~

Hui Yi said...

Pei Ni: Tell u personally la.. haha..

How Jun: yaya.. still with me but the pepper spray really too big size la..

Shan: Haha.. really Malaysia Boleh.. -_-''

bluebell said...