Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Course attended

Many people asked me about my course, what course was I attended and how was my course. Actually, I attended the course about HACCP and auditing HACCP and PRP. Ya, I attended 2 courses.

The course was very informative where all the important and neccessary information were included in the syllabus. Despite from that, I would said the lecturer for the course was very experience and she able to answer all our queries clearly.

Thanks for the organiser well preparation, I grew fat after the 1 week course.  I was not sure the actual reason perhaps the organiser felt that attendees would absorded best with a full stomach.

We were served 4 meals per day (excluding dinner which we need to search ourselves). The first meal will be the complimentary breakfast was served by hotel. It was nice sadly I cannot take much in the morning.

Then, it followed with tea break at 10.00 more.
Then, lunch was served at 1.00pm. Of course, we had it in hotel coffee shop and it was served in buffet style. (sorry for photo was not taken. )

Again, 3.30 tea time.
And, dinner where we needed to look for it ourselves.

Coffee and tea was served in every meal. I guess this was the essential item to keep us awake in the class.
This was how my course like. Basically, all was eat, eat, eat. Some of you might jealous with the scrumptious meal served. However, we need to pay back with a fat body figure and perhaps another longer suffering period for losing weight. Sob sob..


Jia said...

hi, jiayin here..remember me??=P
just bumped into ur blog through yuehting's blog..
where did u have this HACCP course?
1 week seems abit too long eh??

Hui Yi said...

Hey, actually there were 2 different courses. 1 course was just 3 days time. 1 course for HACCP and 1 course for auditing.