Thursday, November 19, 2009


I have heard of KFC a.m. breakfast long time ago. None of the advertisement touches my heart until the new breakfast come out - the KFC a.m. sausage twister.

The twister was just sound too good with all the scrumptious filling inside the wrapper - sausage, harsh brown, tomato, scrumble egg, cheese and mayonnaise. You can taste it by imagining the combinaiton, a simple but tasty combination.
My mind was kept on thinking to look for a day and try this new breakfast. One day, I saw the promotion of the breakfast published in The Star. Milo is free when we purchased any of the breakfast. Great!~! I am a big fan of milo and I drink milo everyday since I was just few years old.

Without any hesitation, I went to a nearby KFC alone in a morning before I went for work just to try out this new breakfast.
The twister was slightly smaller than my expectation. How about the taste inside?
The taste was not bad but I think there are rooms of improvement for the wrapping. I was not sure it was the workers' style or it was just a mistake. The twister will taste great if we can bite all the taste together at the same time. Some of you might ask, wtf you are talking? Well, the first bite I had, I know there was a big chunck of sausages. Then, second bite followed with tomatoes, third bite was harsh brown and so on. I thought the arrangement should be in random form but not as systematic as this?

On the other hand, the milo turned me down too. If I close my eyes and drink the milo, I might mistakenly thought it was a cup of hot water. Perhaps, this was the reason they can support free milo for the breakfast.

The breakfast was a bit out of my expectation. But, honestly, the taste of the twister was nice and there was just a slight problem of arrangment with the filling inside. I'll still give him a second chance before the promotion end.

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Wong How Jun said... that you still wanna give 2nd chance ar?