Monday, November 9, 2009

Birthday celebration

Update: I will update my follow up blog for 'my wish list'. So, please stay tune..
Finally, my birthday was passed. I had a great birthday whereby I spent almost 3 days to complete my birthday celebration with friends.
Of course, receiving presents always come together with a great feeling, but wonderful feeling getting much when you noticed there were a lot of friends around you, and the person you love preparing to celebrate your birthday. Great feeling!~! okok.. to make the story short, let me summarize all my celebrations.

Firstly, My birthday were celebrated with my ex-housemates. The bunch of people who stayed with me during my univerisity time. This celebration was done by forcing. Why? This is because I dated them out for a drink the day before my actual birthday. Hehe.. Anyhow, they still help by continuing the show and bought me 2 slices of cakes.

A kinda weird of combination, 1 slice of black forest cake and 1 round cake (forget the name). Hard to get a good angle with this combination. Let me abondoned the Black Forest.

Well, looks better, right?
This is the smallest cake that I had for celebration. Cute, nice and adorable.

I forgot to take a group photo with them. sad...

Secondly, none other than my dearest coursemates. We celebrated my birthday in SOHO, autocity. There were a lot of surprises we discovered over there. Firstly, food were serving in SOHO instead of just beer and wine. We always keep in mind that SOHO is a place just for alcoholic, now the fact proved that we are wrong. Secondly, The food that we tried (4 dishes) were very delicious. Lastly, the most surprisedly was the price for the food is very reasonable and it is totally out of our prediction. It was just cost us around RM 7.00++ per dish! Let me show you some of the photos of food.

So, What do you think? Just try the scumptious food served in SOHO next time. (Don't misunderstand, I didn't get any advertisement fees from SOHO). Ok, enough for advertisement time. Back to my celebration.

Cake I had in SOHO - Blue berry cheese cake. The chef is excel in the main dish cooking but the skill for dessert making might needs a slight improvement.

lastly, celebration with colleagues in company. I have the photo in my phone unfortunately my Card reader is not functioning and I am unable to transfer the photo in. I will update it after i transfered it. By the way, I was too busy that day and we had a rush celebration. And finally, we forgot to take a group photos again. *sob*

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