Monday, September 1, 2008


Finally, I went through my very own convocation 2 weeks ago. In the morning, everyone was busy in lecturer hall wearing their own robe and also make up (for girls). Some of the people putting up lots of hair pins to make sure their square academic cap do not fall down while they receiving the scroll on the stage. (This was one of the things that I worried too at that time).

When we were in the hall, we were kept on observing the way of others graduate walked on the stage and received the scroll. One of my friend even remind me to say 'terima kasih' instead of 'thank you' while receiving the scroll on the stage. Why? This is because photo will be taken by photographer while we receiving the scroll and if we said 'terima kasih' and we will look like smiling in that photo. Quite funny, yet I took her advice. Ha ha.

Before stepping up the stage, all of us were so nervous because most of us worried that we would make any mistake in front of thousand of people (e.g. falling down on the stage). Luckily, everything just went smoothly and it was just a few seconds for each of us to actually stand on the stage.

Of course, after the whole ceremoney ended, photo taking session was keep on going until we were satisfied (fed up?) with the particular session. Cameras kept on flashing here and there as if we were big star on that day. We kept on smiling to the cameras until our smile were froze. Sometimes, when we were taking a group photo, too many cameras in front of us and we did not know which camera we should look into eventually we just looking straight and smile. Hmm, it is not easy to be a big star too.

Everyone busy with photo taking.

My best darling and I
My coursemates

So, the whole convocation ended with photo sessions. The end of the convocation also indicates the end of my university life. I'm gonna miss it.


Irene said...

i think all of us will miss it too..good luck to u ^^

Yu said...

hey dear, grats on your convo. Lovely pictures you have. I miss you and sze yan a lot a lot~~~

Really sorry can't be there at your convo. lols from first year say until last year liao, still no chance to visit USM. *GUILTY-ing*

hehe.. I wish you have a brightful career ahead. keep in touch and remember update ur blog regularly.

Hui Yi said...

irene: thanks
yu:Haha, lukily u also know u always din keep ur promise.. Ha ha..ok la, try to update my blog more regularly la..a bit lazy sometimes