Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Amazing Drive down to the town!!

Feeling bored at home?
Having a routine life?
Wondering what to do during the weekend?
No excitement in your life?

Sometimes we need some FUN to enlighten our routine life. Sometimes, those fun needs some TEAMWORK in order to make it done. All the fun and teamwork will become MEMORABLE for us. Of course, the important part is we earns a lot of CAMARADERIE.


Yes, you are right! Amazing drive is down to the town now!!! You are no longer just watch it from tv program!! You can be PART OF the Amazing drive!!

Date             : 18 March 2012
Requirements: 4 team members, 1 car
Venue           : Penang Island
Register with :-
Carmen  010 4642833
Kay       012 4184740
Ai Lin    012 4865884

Organised by : FTMC

What are you waiting for? Mark your calender and register now!!

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