Sunday, May 22, 2011

Life in Auckland

Finally, I am landed in New Zealand. My dream to stay in other country finally comes true. Yeah~ Different life style, different environment, different culture, a new chapter of life for me. So, on 11 May, I took the Jet Star from KLIA transit to Singapore and ended up I reached Auckland in 12 May. 10 hours flight definitely was the longest flight time that I had ever taken. Inside the flight was freaking cold and I even took out my winter clothes and served as blanket.

We reached Auckland airport at around 10am! After that we were undergone all the checking. The custom officer checked all our medicine that we declared thoroughly (as many people advised us to declare). Sadly, my Teck Aun pill was being confiscated because it consists of certain ingredient which is prohibited by NZ government. Because of that, I was being questioned and we stayed there for almost 1 hour. Anyhow, the officer was very friendly and we were being released after that. Backpackers, if you want to bring chinese medicine over, just make sure there is no English label on it. :P Besides, you may apply for your Vodaphone Sim card at the air port.

There was something I must stress on is NO SHEEP in front of the airport!!! I remembered somebody told me that the moment we stepped out from the air port we can see SHEEP. Don’t Cheap me! Now I know there is no sheep !! . After that we took a bus to the city area.

The bus was well equipped with rack so that people like us can put our luggage on it. The bus driver will even tell you which hostel is near to which station.

We stayed in a backpacker hostel called K Road City Traveller. This hostel was definitely clean and comfortable! Facilities were well equipped.

This is our room.

Washing Machine area.

Corner for reading.

Kitchen area.

Bath room.

PC for online.

Breakfast and wifi was provided. Internet access in New Zealand is definitely expensive. $50 for 2G per month. If you ever travel in Auckland, u can consider this place. Thumbs up!!

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Fion said...

hi hui yi! nice to meet u. im going to nz for wh soon in the coming 19/3. ur blog really helps me alot. thanks!!

btw, can i know what kind of medicine u brought to nz?

and last but not least, can i add u in my msn/fb? (mine is



Hui Yi said...

Wao, march is coming soon. You will enjoy ur NZ trip very soon.

Medicine? I just brought panadol, medicine for flu and plaster. That's all. Bring together the counter pain. U'll need it if you work outdoor/ went hoking.