Sunday, May 16, 2010

New hair style

Getting bored with my hair style.. this feeling usually appears every 2-3 years time. I'm not those fashionable girl who always change my hair style every year/ half a year to make myself look fresh. Furthermore, I am a bit lazy to take care (if i perm my hair)/ think a new hair style.

Most of the time, when I felt bored with  my long hair, I'll cut it short. I had permed my hair once, dye my hair once just because of I never them at that time.

So, this round, I tried out something new (it might be an old fashion for you).  Here, I would like to proudly present my new hair style!~ Tada~

Haha.. laugh la.. I know it looks like fake one.. I think I never cut my fringe that short since standard two.. hmm.. getting old already, so have to pretend young and back to primary school..

Ok, comments for new hair style are welcome.


bluebell said...

ok ah... look quite nice ah... esp with handbands

How Jun said...

haha. Even though i was with you that time, I was shock when I saw ur new hair style.

Hui Yi said...

haha.. a big changes for me .. good good

Anonymous said...

not bad not bad..
macam 陈宝珠feel..elegant..

Anonymous said...

not bad not bad..
macam 陈宝珠feel..elegant..